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Foxhunting With Us

Our goal is to create a feeling of welcome where guests will be introduced to masters, hunt staff, and friends (and may even be offered a flask.) With the help of our professional trainers we will emphasize fun and safety in the field, and you will be sure to be invited back year after year. We are very interested in preserving field sports as a way of life in Ireland. By educating you, our guests, and showing you the best side of Ireland, we can all work together with a better understanding of why we can’t afford to loose this important part of history, and tradition!

Riders at Lough Cutra Castle

"I've heard that foxhunting in Ireland is not for the faint of heart. What do you recommend?"

I recommend that you go on our preseason tours, late September, and October,  if you want the feel of foxhunting without the "thrills and spills." Our trainers can arrange for us to go "out" with the hunt staff on a private basis. You can watch the young hounds work and see some beautiful countryside. The weather is mild at that time of year too! The other option would be to come on our spring Cross Country training tour where you will learn what to expect out foxhunting (lots of ditches and banks) in a safe, controlled environment. Many people start out that way; then go foxhunting on their next trip.  


Crossing the Irish Banks

This is an instructional video with Aidan O'Connell about how to ride over natural Irish countryside. It includes scenes of preparing and training the young horses to cross this country, as well as excerpts from the jumping clinics that he gives in Europe and America. 

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