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What Sets Us Apart?

 Unlike other tours, we actually participate in all activities on the tour with you, and we have the opportunity to customize each and every trip. Our tours are limited to only ten people, so we can offer you the high quality and personal touches you would expect from a tour of this kind. We specialize in tours to Ireland so we can maintain "hands on" quality control. Because we own and maintain property in Ireland, we keep up to date on current issues, and we are constantly adding new and exciting things to see and do to our already long lists of choices.

We always keep in mind that the overall feel and pace of the tour is as important as where you go and what you do when you are there. We will dine in some of Ireland's best restaurants and enjoy home cooked meals as well.

Springfield Castle, Co. Limerick, is your home in Ireland, where we host informal gatherings and a fabulous cocktail party! The Kitchen is available for late night snacks, and the bar is always open!  You wont find this place in any of your guide books! From the moment you enter the gate, down the impressive tree lined drive, and the house appears around the bend, you will know you are some place special! As the ancestral home of Lord Muskery and the Fitzwilliam family for over 500  years, Springfield Castle will live up to all your expectations. When you walk in the door and are greeted by a warm fire and a drink, you will begin to relax, unwind and leave the world behind. Whether you want a sauna, afternoon tea, or drinks by the fire, you will always find a comfortable chair after a hard days ride. And because we have Springfield all to ourselves, you will come to think of it as your home away from home. A place to be treasured, a place to return to again and again!

You will meet the people of Ireland too! From the winner’s circle at the Kerry races to the dinner table of the Knight of Glin, you will have a chance to make lasting connections and get a true feel for the places we visit. And you won’t have to worry about driving in Ireland - our tour offers cars with our own private drivers!

We guarantee you won’t find another tour like this anywhere else!

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